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Why I Love Forte Foundation

Updated: Mar 16, 2019

Want an inclusive atmosphere in your workplace? Look no further.

Between #metoo movements, gender pay gaps, and the lack of women on corporate boards, there's a strong case to be made that there's still progress to be made toward equality for women in the workplace. Forte Foundation is an Austin, TX based group focused on the advancement of opportunities for women in business through education, networking and collective support. What makes this foundation truly inclusive, however, is the fact that they invite men to join their cause in support through their "Men as Allies" initiative. They even provide on their website downloadable tool-kits for MBA programs and corporations to use in establishing "Men as Allies" programs. Inviting men into the discussion to support the advancement of opportunities for women in the professional workforce is a simple gesture which can go a long way in making strides together as a community. I love this fresh model from Forte Foundation.

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